Dating old photographs by clothing

Originally I had thought it was not of hasa but of mud bricks, but have been informed that it is of masonry construction.

I had thought this photograph was also taken inbut now believe it was a little later, perhaps This first aerial photograph is likely to be one of the earliest photographs taken of urban settlement in Qatar.

There are 21 girls and 4 men students, so you see I am all right. It may be significant that there are more boats pulled up on the foreshore at al-Doha than there are at al-Bida. At the south side of the maqbara is the al al-kuwt fort.

However, the possible tower on the south-west corner would suggest an attempt to extend the fort defences, incorporating the residential element. This photograph must have been taken around the same time as those above and is looking around south-west across al-Sharq and feriq al-Salata.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie

There appear to be ventilation openings at a high level of the musalla as well as the standard maraazim to shed water from the roof. Some of the photographs had dates associated with them, usually written on their backs, but I have discovered that they have not always been accurately ascribed.

Now this is a reminiscence, fellow citizens, and an imitation of the posture of Solon, showing his customary bearing as he used to address the people of Athens. The s Shirley Temple doll sold millions and was one of the most successful celebrity dolls.

From a structural point of view there may be few hasa in the immediate area, but enough quantities of soil to use in a teen construction. Where the coastline runs out of picture on the right can be seen the masjid al-Qabib. In fact the new wharf for the fishing and trading craft was incorporated over them.

I have no idea what plans there are for it but my recollection of the whole grouping is that it was one of the most attractive natural groupings in the peninsula. Admittedly the single storey housing was sub-standard, the strongly articulated ground modelling combined with the trees of the gardens made this a lovely place to visit.

The white marks in the centre photograph are likely to be patching to cracks in the walls, suggesting that the photograph was taken in the nineteen-fifties.

The Ghosts of Old London

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How to Let Go of Sentimental Items: 7 Easy Steps Using Photographs

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The old buildings of Qatar. These two pages illustrate something of the older buildings and associated development in Qatar. They might usefully be read in association with the page looking at the history of the peninsula.

A number of the photographs on this page are taken from the web site of the Qatar Embassy in Washington and are placed here under what I believe to be fair use, permission.

Now you have a beautiful way to tell your story and share your memories without all the clutter. You are more likely to reach for this photo book and then go through all your belongings in your basement.

8 Church Street, Lambeth, London.This small first home was a small cottage, which provided little more than a large room with a loft, the first two boys arrived on 9th July

Dating old photographs by clothing
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