George lopez dating marciella lusha

Lusha portrayed Gemini, the cousin of Ian Ziering 's character, and niece of David Hasselhoff 's character. I would like to show them what is possible in george lopez dating marciella lusha world, and what happiness is available to them if they have the courage to look.

I adored working with her. I feel one can only grow so much when confined by one particular environment. In the same interview Lusha noted that her earliest memory was on a bus with her mother, fleeing Albania.

I am the product of many contradicting philosophies and cultures I portray a mother for the first time, a character who is torn by two ideologies. I knew that I fell in love with acting, and that any opportunity, whether in an acting class, an audition, or on set where I could perform, felt like a dream come true.

International film roles and global recognition —present [ edit ] Lusha photographed at Warner Brothers Studios. While residing in her hometown, Lusha's first theatrical role was a nonspeaking, background character in her school's production of Up and Away. There's so much energy around us all, so many answers available if only we have the courage to hear our own whispers.

Masiela Lusha

In an interview inLusha credits her early memories as a refugee for her lifelong humanitarian efforts. Why does our existence matter if we do not enhance and elevate our society for posterity?

We are offered a gift to live and thrive, and if we do not embrace this opportunity then why are we on this earth?

Why Did The Actress Masiela Lusha (Carmen) Leave George Lopez

In Julyit was announced that the two were engaged. I feel fortunate to have learned from such incredibly talented actors, to evolve and grow under their influence. In a interview, Lusha credited her childhood memories as refugee for the drive behind her efforts as a humanitarian.

I was enthralled by what was not being said, by the dichotomy of their emotions. It must impact, animate a little tug and pull in our world to stay alive and relevant. Fluke George lopez dating marciella lusha Dec 14, If this is the case, why was her name removed from the intro?

Early recognition — [ edit ] As a poet, Lusha was recognized as one of the Top Ten Talented Poets of North America for her published work, and also received the public recognition of former President Bill Clinton.

However I'm interested in all beliefs as I view them to be the foundations of societies. This year has been full of transitions, indeed! I can always provide more. All three elements of storytelling carry one vital philosophy - to offer universal insight, and many instances, hope and therapy to those who absolutely need it.

As the national spokesperson for the Great American Bake Sale, a hunger-relief program, Lusha visits local towns throughout the United States and supports food drives to help battle childhood hunger. The film was released by American World Pictures.

The way one can weave the words into a symphony of moods and notes can move a person to tears. Lusha chose poetry as the subject matter for her children's book because, "While some mothers sing lullabies to their children, my mother read me poetry," she said.

I've watched every episode of the last season, and felt the producers, writers, and cast took a great direction with the series' final evolution. The Last Vampire alongside Jun Ji-hyun. Since I was a very young girl, I loved people, I adored their intricate behavior in society, their emotions, their instinct, their fire.

The most beautiful features in a woman are her character and her experiences. Lusha stated that because of these experiences, "humanitarianism is the bedrock of [her] existence and identity. One smile and I could move mountains. It has a very dark, literary motivation - so thrilled, because it reminds me of Dante's The Divine Comedy, and all its human torments!

My other film, The Weight of Life, centers around a young girl's unrequited dream; she is forced to address all the limitations of her current life.

I've been fortunate to work on some amazing projects during these past six months! Whichever it may be. We just wrapped Fatal Instinct.

Without a past, Renee is forced to face a new reality with emerging challenges. As ambassador, Lusha promoted diverse causes concerning the global youth, such as improving gender equality, promote the democratic participation,increase inter-ethnic respect and to foster inter-cultural and international understanding and cooperation.

Sometimes, I would remain on set past my scene, just to watch him perform. Sometimes the conflict of the character allows me to reflect on my own philosophies on life and love.On Masiela Lusha (nickname: Masiela) was born in Tirana, Albania. She made her 1 million dollar fortune with Movie Surfers, The James Bond Story, The Architect.

The actress, married to Ramzi Habibi, her starsign is Scorpio and she is now 32 years of age. Masiela Lusha was born on the 23rd Octoberin Tirana, Albania, and is an actress and writer who became famous after landing the role of Carmen Lopez in the ABC sitcom “George Lopez”, in which she appeared from to and which earned her critics awards, including the Young Artist Awards.

Masiela Lusha Net Worth is $1 Million. Masiela Lusha Net Worth is $1 Million. Masiela Lusha is an American author, actress, producer and humanitarian who first gained recognition after starring in film and TV projects such as the Emmy Award-winning ABC series George Lopez and Sony Picture's Blood: The Last Vampire.

Who is she dating right now? Masiela Lusha is currently single. Relationships. Masiela Lusha has been in a relationship with Sean Lourdes ( - ).

About. Masiela Lusha is a 32 year old Albanian Actress. Born on 23rd October, in Tirana, Albania, she is famous for George Lopez in a career that spans –cytopix.coms: Daniela Lusha, Max Lusha.

Masiela Lusha Talks ‘Sharknado’ and ‘George Lopez’ [Exclusive Interview] July 31, July 31, Ali Hanford Interviews The Sharknado movies have become an annual tradition.

George lopez dating marciella lusha
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