Pof dating scorpio women

We've been broken up for like a year now So at first I wasn't feeling him.

Libra man and Taurus woman

I'm a Taurus girl and pof dating scorpio women always get on well but it's never been turned into something secure. I always carried a picture if him in my wallet until it faded away a few months ago. He is wishy-washy over any big decision. I am a Taurus woman They have a very selfish the world revolves around them attitude.

He will do anything to keep a smile on my face. I'll be back to share how it all turned out. Because they are the scales, their minds are never made up, and they are very wishy washy.

For those of you who don't know a Libra 2 is a Libra born in the week of oct and a Taurus 3 is a Taurus born in the week of may I don't know at all what the future holds for us, but I can say that this is one of the happiest, most fun relationships I have ever been in!

I am a Taurus women who has had an on off relationship with a Libra man for the past three years. I love her so much I can't live without her to me she my perfect match. For all Libran men attached to Taurean ladies, this ones for you.

Apologizing To A Scorpio

Hi know this is weird but would like some advise I am a Taurus 18 I am independent graduated early working two jobs love working and do everything.

I have never seen anything like it. She had a habit of showing up late to dates which drove me mad. At first I was finding him really very charming and he had everything I always wanted to be in my dream boy.

Im an optimistic person and up for trying harder because I really fancy this Libra guy. We love to laugh together, and have an absolutely amazing sex life.

We have our disagreements here and there but 5 minutes later were laughing again. There's a 14 year age gap. No decisions made yet, but I think Libra will vote me to pieces and leave me wanting more that I will never receive. Let me save you the drama.

These are wonderful traits that few women possess and intrigue the shit out of me. I am Taurus female and he is Libra. That's what I meant. He is not an adept communicator.

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Few years ago I dated a Taurus girl for a year and a half. I don't think Libra can last long with any other sign other than Taurus. I am a Taurus woman and my husband is a Libra.

In response to the Taurean woman above that has been in a 4. The last year of our relationship there was no intimacy at all.

Why Scorpio men won’t tell how they feel about you

And He also said some horrible things about me that I never imagined him ever saying!!! Sometimes she brought me candy I liked, she would hold my hand in a way I like and stupid small things like that. I am now seeing the potential in our relationship, and seeing that we are inseparable.

Things started going pear shaped in the mid's. I will post the outcome of our date. Even when we were kids we had an undeniable attraction to each other.

He said he still wants me around because he supposedly still loves me.scorpio moon but leo venus, mars, uranus, pluto & rising squaring all that when i was younger i amputated LOTS of friendships and relationships without looking back.

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Ive been dating my love a scorpio man on and off for 6 years. Im a Cancer woman. Just stick in there honey.

They go through emotional phases. I suggest you read Astro Twins Love Zodiac.

Pof dating scorpio women
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